Firstly of all… go down low to ask yourself a question of WHY photography.  For me, photography is more of a hobby than a job. Most persons would choose to venture into the photography business because “people are making money as professional photographers”. My brother abi sister de ni, do a research on all the big brands in the industry now, at some point, this people have had to do loads of free jobs and have been paid less than a token in the early days of startup. You should have it at the back of your mind, that nothing good comes easy.

Dr Tai Solarin of blessed memory says “May your road be rough”, this isn’t just a myth, it is a realistic fact to success.

There are in fact so many photography brands in the industry now, but really,


Strive to be different, be among the best, if not the best. In summary, below are advice tips for a photography start up business;

1. Get a DLSR camera, this is simply a digital professional camera, this is the manufacturing plant of a photographer.

2. Create a unique brand name for your business, your brand name sometimes gives a good impression to a new patronage. Make it catchy.

3. Try not to invest too much on equipments all once, Photoshop and lightroom is there to compensate for the inadequacy of your not-so expensive camera shot images. With your Digital LSR, an external flash and a reflector, you are good to go to start.

4. Get familiar with current photo editing soft wares.

5. Make professional friends, do not see other photographers as competitors, there is a lot of help and knowledge you can get from them.

6. Make the social media your virtual office, it might be too expensive to have a website as a startup, maximize your business instagram page, Facebook page, or Word press. Social media is the cheapest way of advertising your brand. Be as relevant as possible on social media.

7. Never stop the sought for continuous learning, the internet has everything thing you are looking for, you will be surprised what more you can learn from Youtube #justsearchit

8. Be very professional, image and attitude is everything, be professional and friendly in your dealings with clients. It is very wrong to assume the client knows your worth, discuss prices before you start a job, and make sure there is a line between your business and family. It can be very easy to be frustrated out of business.

9. Make photography your hobby,  take random photos, take pictures that are far from normal, normal is boring, take breathtaking pictures, that’s what will make you stand out. Have fun doing your own business, remember #theskyisbigenough.