Dammy and Tope………. He is the Love of my Love.

We were both attending the same church when we were growing up. We later lost contact when we got admitted to the university, I was schooling outside Lagos, I only came home for the holidays. We didnt see for a very long time. Then in 2007, when I was about rounding up my NYSC, I came home for Christmas from Abia state went to church on sunday, he came to sit by me in church. NB: I had my seating side, he has his own sitting angle but on dat sunday he came to sit by my me, there we caught up on old times, then exchanged contact. After then he started calling me and showing lots of commitment. No matter how much I tried to play hard to get, Tope was so adamant and consistent. Tope is just so wonderful and loving. He is the Love of my life.

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Feyi & Tayo…… the love tale

In Tayo’s words………

I met her on a fateful day she came for an interview with me, I interviewed her and she was fit for d job. Well, it took her another 3 months before she could give me a chance in her life, which occurred exactly 7:35am, 14th April 2012. We carried on till Dec 23rd 2012 when I proposed to her, she said the beautiful, romantic and assuring YES to me.

Well, Feyi is a quiet a person that requires a quiet person like me to understand. She’s caring and has an unimaginable forgiving spirit, when I say this, I know what I mean. Above all, she’s a lady that loves but won’t show it to u 99.9% so that u won’t damage her heart, tough one!… She’s a remarkable Jewel, adorable and pretty… She’s my CHOICE! I Love Her and will always do! In one word, Feyi is VIVACIOUS

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In Feyi’s words

A friend had told me about a job opening at the firm where I met him February 2012, he interviewed me, and afterwards there and then, we exchanged complimentary cards, I believed I had surprisingly impressed him because I told him I had my own business, so he tried patronizing me. In other words, we became friends. I remember shortly after we met, he said he wanted to marry me and I was like ‘na so he dey happen’-That is how you scope ladies that come to you for employment? you not a serious guy. We however became closer.

He would call me every night, there was this particular night he did not call and I wondered why the lover boy hadn’t called, then I realised I had fallen for him. After playing so much hard to get, I finally said yes to him in April 2012, i sure had no second thoughts. Tayo is a cool and pleasant guy, a kind of person anyone would want to take for a ride, as nice as he his, he could as well be tough. In one word, he is MINE!(10) (24) (25) (40) (41) (60) (61) (62) (64) (65) (66) (67) (69) (z) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

A Photo session with gorgeous Diva, Feranmi

This was a family session I was really looking forward to shoot, photography for me gets more interesting when I sense a little challenge, therefore, no room for errors. The little challenge I sensed here was that the client knew a lot about photography, good Cameras and good image qualities, if you get my drift already, you would realize by now, the client is a professional Photography client, if you know what I mean.

To the main story here, I had met Olumide through a friend, he wanted a family shoot with his wife (the Duchess) and the daughter (the Princess). Believe me, they are indeed Royal Looking. By the way, Feranmi, the Diva, as at the time of shooting, was 39 days old (the daughter).  Seeing is believing, she’s a true diva.

Lo and behold, I got to their family home at exactly the time we agreed, “10 am” to find out Feranmi hadn’t slept all night, well, after hours of patience however, feranmi woke up for the shoot. What really thrilled me about this shoot is that as little as Feranmi is, she is very fashionable. – Loads of thanks to the mum. It wouldn’t be surprising to see little Feranmi grow up into a fashionista or Super model. Seeing Feranmi well dressed and accessorized made me look forward to my own pretty daughter just like her.

It was indeed a beautiful spending time photographing the Olaitan Family, my pleasure.