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Firstly of all… go down low to ask yourself a question of WHY photography.  For me, photography is more of a hobby than a job. Most persons would choose to venture into the photography business because “people are making money as professional photographers”. My brother abi sister de ni, do a research on all the big brands in the industry now, at some point, this people have had to do loads of free jobs and have been paid less than a token in the early days of startup. You should have it at the back of your mind, that nothing good comes easy.

Dr Tai Solarin of blessed memory says “May your road be rough”, this isn’t just a myth, it is a realistic fact to success.

There are in fact so many photography brands in the industry now, but really,


Strive to be different, be among the best, if not the best. In summary, below are advice tips for a photography start up business;

1. Get a DLSR camera, this is simply a digital professional camera, this is the manufacturing plant of a photographer.

2. Create a unique brand name for your business, your brand name sometimes gives a good impression to a new patronage. Make it catchy.

3. Try not to invest too much on equipments all once, Photoshop and lightroom is there to compensate for the inadequacy of your not-so expensive camera shot images. With your Digital LSR, an external flash and a reflector, you are good to go to start.

4. Get familiar with current photo editing soft wares.

5. Make professional friends, do not see other photographers as competitors, there is a lot of help and knowledge you can get from them.

6. Make the social media your virtual office, it might be too expensive to have a website as a startup, maximize your business instagram page, Facebook page, or Word press. Social media is the cheapest way of advertising your brand. Be as relevant as possible on social media.

7. Never stop the sought for continuous learning, the internet has everything thing you are looking for, you will be surprised what more you can learn from Youtube #justsearchit

8. Be very professional, image and attitude is everything, be professional and friendly in your dealings with clients. It is very wrong to assume the client knows your worth, discuss prices before you start a job, and make sure there is a line between your business and family. It can be very easy to be frustrated out of business.

9. Make photography your hobby,  take random photos, take pictures that are far from normal, normal is boring, take breathtaking pictures, that’s what will make you stand out. Have fun doing your own business, remember #theskyisbigenough.



Today, having a first degree or an advanced diploma does not guarantee that dream job you have always fantasized, it is just never enough to relax and feel secured after graduating from school, even when you are lucky to get that mouthwatering Job, it is so not wise to rely solely on the job alone, anything can happen. You can wake up one day to resume work only to find out that your job position has been given to another person due to one reason or another, this is called JOB INSECURITY.
The way forward is to acquire a vocational skill, many would ask the question, ‘why’ would I be a Photographer after I have studied to become an Architect? I studied industrial relations, why will I sell beaded Jewelry and wire works? I studied mass communication, why will I forego that for baking cakes? If you find yourself asking similar questions, it is your inner Ego doing the asking, rebuke it right away. Being a graduate in any discipline makes you by default very versatile to fit into any field of vocation or career path, do not feel handicapped from being your own boss.
The first and most important step is to EMBRACE YOUR INNER PASSION, if your passion involves drawing creatively on paper, then go for Artistry, if your hobby is taking lovely pictures, then it is time for you to put some professionalism into taking pictures creatively and making money off it. Really, all you need do is discover your passion and embrace it, if you are yet to discover your passion, there must be a favorite hobby you find most interesting and profitable, EMBRACE IT, for time waits for no one.


Another important factor you should consider in starting your business is ‘starting small”. A school of thought says that – little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. It is very wise to start small and with the little you have, it will make you more economical and more profit minded, the most interesting part is that you will surely have a story to tell, a good one at that.
Here are some ideas to improve on your business consideration
1. Start with what you have and avoid procrastination
2. Create a business plan
3. Embrace Facebook, twitter and other social platforms
4. Make professional friends and join professional associations
5. Equip yourself with professional knowledge, read up articles online, books, and attend professional seminars.
6. Register your business and plan to pay tax
7. Insure your business
8. Plan to have savings for your business.
9. Be truthful at all instances
Another school of thought says that “the sky is the limit” improvise on your business and make the sky your starting point.

Photoprnenure! not a bed of roses…….

As a professional Photographer, ethical standards and principles should be adopted, well, more or so I learnt in my photography class way back.

I remember I always told my sister when I go to parties or event to cover shoots,  most times, she tells me, ‘Michael make sure you bring something o’ and am always like, ‘Tosin dear am going to work and not to grub myself out o’ then she rolls her eyes and says and I quote’ oh please, don’t give me the professional photographer line again, you 

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