A Photo session with gorgeous Diva, Feranmi

This was a family session I was really looking forward to shoot, photography for me gets more interesting when I sense a little challenge, therefore, no room for errors. The little challenge I sensed here was that the client knew a lot about photography, good Cameras and good image qualities, if you get my drift already, you would realize by now, the client is a professional Photography client, if you know what I mean.

To the main story here, I had met Olumide through a friend, he wanted a family shoot with his wife (the Duchess) and the daughter (the Princess). Believe me, they are indeed Royal Looking. By the way, Feranmi, the Diva, as at the time of shooting, was 39 days old (the daughter).  Seeing is believing, she’s a true diva.

Lo and behold, I got to their family home at exactly the time we agreed, “10 am” to find out Feranmi hadn’t slept all night, well, after hours of patience however, feranmi woke up for the shoot. What really thrilled me about this shoot is that as little as Feranmi is, she is very fashionable. – Loads of thanks to the mum. It wouldn’t be surprising to see little Feranmi grow up into a fashionista or Super model. Seeing Feranmi well dressed and accessorized made me look forward to my own pretty daughter just like her.

It was indeed a beautiful spending time photographing the Olaitan Family, my pleasure.


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